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Interview Steven Severin (mai 2005)

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Inscrit le: 21 Avr 2004
Messages: 12056
Localisation: Paris

MessagePosté le: Mer Mar 06, 2019 08:46    Sujet du message: Interview Steven Severin (mai 2005) Répondre en citant

Hi, Steve ! Really nice talking to you !
I just would like to know, if you can remember, which songs of The Glove were mostly written by you and which ones by Robert. Or were they all written in a common effort ? Thanks for your answers, and I hope you will work again with Robert someday...

STEVE:Mostly as a common effort but things like "Mouth to Mouth" & "Sex-Eye" were more Robert and "Green City" & "Perfect Murder" were more mine. Only in the sense that somebody had to start somewhere!

Hi Steve,
I would like to know if Blue sunshine will be remastered like the other records of The Cure?
Thanks you.

STEVE: Yes. It will be released on the Cure remasters timeline, which means it will be in the next batch along with the Top and Head on the Door. The Banshees remastering project has only just started so I suggested to Robert to put Blue Sunshine in with the Cure's schedule.

Do you think you will ever make a future collaboration with Robert Smith ?

STEVE: Certainly hope so Smile

Are you still in touch with Robert?

STEVE: We have been loosely in touch throughout the years. Only recently have we been in regular correspondence about the remaster of Blue Sunshine.

Hi Steve,
What are the bass players who most influenced you due to their way of playing and their attitude?

STEVE: I guess the first people I took notice of were McCartney and Wyman but that
was only certain singles when I was little. The first bass player to really impress me in
general was Jack Bruce. Then in 1970 I heard CAN and Holger Czukay became my
instant bass hero.

What is your musical current events of moment?

STEVE: I've just finished working on a project for a Japanese dance company
with my wife, Arban. The piece is "beauty & the Beast and premieres in
Kyoto at the end of June. Apart from that I am involved with an artist
management company, SURRENDER DOROTHY as creative consultant. We look
after the READERS WIFES & ATOMIZER. I am also involved inan "Art
Terrorist Collective" known as THE TRUTH MACHINE. Intrigued?

Hi Steve !!!
Happy talking to you !
What's the song you liked to perform live the most when you were in Siouxsie & The Banshees ?
Thanx for your answer and for the rest; you really made a great work in the world of wave music !

STEVE: Jigsaw feeling, Red over White, Melt! & The Rapture (the song)

hello steve...
Which are your projects for 2005/2006...?

STEVE: see above plus I have another 2 film scores pending:- a low budget
erotic horror movie called MINDFK and the possibility of scoring Jean
Rollin's version of Georges Bataille's "The Story of The Eye".

Hello Mr. Steve Severin.
What about your relationship with Robert Smith today? I've read on your website some time ago that you had some Glove songs and tried to contact him (smith) and that... "cleopatra was too busy" and you could not talk with him.
Thanks apinkdream for give us the chance to talk with Steve Severin.
Best bass player ever (after simon gallup).

STEVE: The "cleopatra" reference is from something else entirely. I spoke with
Robert a couple of weeks ago about the Glove remaster and we are trying
to arrange a day to meet and listen through everything soon.


Hi Steve,
What about your relationship with Siouxsie & Budgie nowadays ?
I know the last tour you did with the Banshees was really weird...
Thanks for being our guest

STEVE: In a word NONEXISTENT. We have not spoken since the launch signing of
the Banshees' biography in August 2003. I now just deal directly with
their spokesperson, Doug Hart of Hydrogen Dukebox.

Happy "talking" to you !
Just a few questions :
- How can you describe the time when you and R.Smith did "the glove" LP?

STEVE: Not easily summed up in a few lines. Exciting, Mad & scary come to mind
as descriptive adjectives but we'll save a more thorough account for
the Blue Sunshine sleeve notes!

- What about the contribution of each others in the "creative process"?

STEVE: I can't remember us having one single disagreement making the record.
It was a joy.

- When will we have the opportunity to hear you, on stage (I'm a found
of your whole work)?

STEVE: I have no desire to perform on a regular basis but you never know
something might come up that is too good to miss!

- What is, for you, the best "souvenir" with Souxie and the banshees touring or on-stage ?

STEVE: I guess the passion and the grandeur of the music on stage and the sense of humour off.

Thanks a lot, Thanks for your work !

Hello Monsieur Steve SEVERIN,
I read an interview in wich you said Robert Smith would have found a source of inspiration for The Cure during his collaborations with Siouxsie and The Glove. Could you precise about what it was?

STEVE: I don't remember saying anything like that but the albums Blue
Sunshine, Hyaena & The Top were all done in rapid succession so it's
obvious that they feed off each other. Robert himself has stated that playing with the
Banshees shifted his ideas about music to some degree. Likewise being close to Robert through the 17 secs/Faith/Pornography
influenced me too.

Hi Steve,
What is your favourite album from
1) S&TBanshees?

STEVE: Peepshow/Dreamhouse

2) The Cure?

STEVE: Pornography

Thanks for all!


Hello Steven....
First I would like to thank you for being our guest and answering to our questions, and also thank you for what you've done with the Banshees and The Glove.
I just wanted to know if there are some unreleased songs by The Glove and how many (except Tormented)... you know, Blue Sunshine is one of my favourite records...

STEVE: We are currently going through tapes. There is enough to make a second CD of "extras". Wait and see:)

and I have another very short question, I'd like to know who wrote the lyrics for This Green City. I thought they sound like Robert's words... "wishing my eyes could look down, down on me..." but of course I might be wrong!
Well, thank you again for everything!...

STEVE: No. This Green City lyric was mine. The clue is in the different
handwriting styles on the sleeve.

Hi Steve and thanks for answering all our questions !Robert often said that changing styles of music had saved the Cure and that was how they had managed to last. He
also said that he thought the Banshees had made a mistake by always playing "dark" music. Do you agree with that and if you had changed to lighter, more entertaining music what kind of stuff would you have played?

STEVE:Difficult question. My only regrets with the Banshees are to do with the business side of things. We made some bad decisions regarding some of the people we chose to work with. It's also hard to tell what the music would have been if we hadn't kept changing personnel. Nothing can
be undone so I don't dwell on it.

Also, can you tell us what Siouxsie does nowadays ??? It's sad not having you anymore on the music scene.

STEVE: I don't have a clue. Sits around playing with her cats probably. She still tours every now and then - the last time being under the "Siouxsie" banner as opposed to "The Creatures". From my outsider's perspective they don't seem to do much of

Best of luck for the future

Hello Steve !!!!
What did Siouxsie think about The Glove ? about the collaboration between you and Robert Smith and about the album Blue Sunshine...

STEVE: Well, one of the many wounds that were opened up by the Banshees recent biography was Siouxsie's open animosity toward the Glove. If you read it you will see she still bears an enormous grudge about the time the project took. Personally, I think being mad about something 20 years on must be very unhealthy for your soul. There should be some sort of closure....ah well.


Hello steve ! you're a great bassplayer , my biggest influence !
I have 2 questions, if you have time ...
First - what is your favorite bass ?

STEVE: To play, the Musicman Stingray because of the short wide neck. Good for
chord work. For sound, my trusty Ayatollah, an early Seventies
(American) Fender Jazz.

-what are the effect pedals you use ?
(but maybe it is a secret ...)

STEVE: It's a custom combination of chorus, distortion and flanging. Over the
years I've used MXR, DOD and TC electronics.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for being our guest. It is a pleasure for us all.
My question is about The Glove and particularly about a song I love and that make me cry so many times...A blues in Drag: I wonder what is the meaning of this instrumental song?

STEVE: It "means" what ever you want it to "mean". The title is just a
joke....it is not a reference to anything or anyone.

Thanks for everything.

Hi Steven,
It's a pity these rules allow me to ask a single question... First of all, thanks for everything you gave us, I dearly hope the "itching" will strike you again... Thanks for Cascade, Melt, thanks for 92° and Cannons (oh god, I just can't help stopping this thanking session...).
So here's my question :
As a musician, I've always wondered how you could play bass so fast :I mean hitting strings "upside down" is so exhausting that everytime I see you live (god it's been a long time) I am mesmerized by your playing style... You guy must have a right hand wrist... What exactly led you to play this way ?

STEVE: It just came naturally. Moving slowly up AND down seems so passive to me considering the music was so aggressive. It's also about the precision of every single note. The technique has absolutely wrecked my wrists - they are aching even as I type this.... repetitive strain injury or something like.

Thanks for your answer.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for being our guest.
What's your opinion on P2P and people who use file-sharing programs.
Do you use this kind of programs yourself ?
Thanks for your answer.

STEVE: I have no problem with fans swapping files I use LimeWire all the time
for research.

hi Steve. thanks for everything you've done with siouvxie and the glove. What is your"top three" favourite CD's ?

STEVE: Right now. FischerSpooner "Odysssey", The Kills "No Wow" & Arcade Fire
"Funeral"..... That's not what you meant, is it?Smile

hi steve
thx for all
Robert was inspired many times for his lyrics with his experience of crashing at your flat in london...are u aware of this?

STEVE: Oh yes... the Upstairs room at Crocodile Road. It was a fun year!

Did he contact you for his ( ex future ex future ) solo album?

STEVE: No. We've just started talking again after a long gap.

how were ur relationship with simon ?

STEVE: Absolutely fine. I like Simon.

hmmm sorry not asking about ur music but ppl did before...
Thx again and hope to see u someday......soon

What is your usual methodology when working on a tune ? Do you rather get inspired by sound effects or play around following note scales ?

STEVE: I don't have one! I've written songs starting from a wide variation of sources. Bass, drum machine, guitar, keyboards, computer. It's the ideas that count in the end.

What's your most treasured belonging ?

STEVE: A signed telegram from the late, great John Cage.

You seem to have a fascination for guns and graphically violent images(ie : depicting yourself as a hired assassin for the Banshees' Alice in Wonderland special on tv, Witkin etc...).
How many people have you murdered :
a) in real life

STEVE: You think I'm going to confess on an internet forum?

b) in your mind

STEVE: On a bad day - most of the human race, on a good day - just SiouxsieSmile

hello Steve
Do you remember when Robert called you on phone in 1981 and you listened to Charlotte Sometimes who he has just wrote?
What do you think about this song?

STEVE: I'm a bit vague but I seem to remember I was with the Banshees in a hotel restaurant in Cardiff(?) and Robert rang from New Zealand mid way through the main course! I love Charlotte Sometimes.
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