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Interview Lol Tolhurst (mai 2004)

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Inscrit le: 21 Avr 2004
Messages: 12057
Localisation: Paris

MessagePosté le: Mer Mar 06, 2019 08:54    Sujet du message: Interview Lol Tolhurst (mai 2004) Répondre en citant


1-As some former cure-members (Porl or Boris), do you intend to
collaborate with Robert Smith in studio or in concert?

A. anything is possible,but nothing is planned at the moment.We (Robert and I) are both pretty busy with our own stuff right now!


2-Actually, the record companies are giving chase to the ones who use "peer to peer". Could you give us your opinion in keeping with the
bootlegs sharing? Do you own some Cure rarities?

A."Bootlegs" as in the old meaning of the word never really bothered
me as they were only brought by the real hardcore fans of the band and
were usually quite poor quality,these were fans who brought everything
a band recorded as well .
What bothers me now somewhat about "peer to peer" is that the
quality is perfect or near perfect and everything is copied. It means
that as a new artist starting now you may never be able to support
yourself playing music , which also means that in the long run there
will be less new music not more which despite the many other
positive aspects of digital downloading is sad I think. I believe that with
sites like itunes it is kind of the right model that is fair to everyone and will promote more music not less .It doesn't cost a lot to hear your favorite songs,you dont have to buy a whole album for just one or two tracks and the Artist gets to make some money sometimes
without having to sell his soul to a big record company just to be


3-Can you say to us what you have retained of your experience with
The Cure and what that brings you in your carreer with Levinhurst?

A. Generally speaking I have very fond memories of my time with the
Cure and Hopefully i am a little less likely to make the same mistakes
this time with Levinhurst ! I also now know how to enjoy what I do and
bring that passion to my life and music again.

The Big Hand

4-What do you think about The Cure's new materials & line up ?

A. What I know of it I like but obviously I am far more well acquainted with the time I spent in the cure and therefore that time remains my favorite period of the cure


5-What do you truly think you bring to The Cure (from a creative
point of view)

A. Thats a question that I dont really think has an answer from me as
it is kind of hard to see myself with myself if you get what I mean! I
do know however that for a very long time I put all my creative powers
into the Cure as it was really my only life. Levinhurst is the first
time since I left the Cure that I have felt the same way.

Super Pato le basset fou

6-Hello LOL!! I show you all my admiration!!
How did you live the period after Pornography, during the year 1983 more particulary, where The Cure amounted only to you and Robert and
where your music style strongly changed?

A.Well actually I lived in France for a while! I worked with a couple
of French groups The Bonapartes and Baroque Bordello I produced them
and played on their records. it was a good time.It was good for us as
the Cure to take a break and then get back and do something completely
different. The Tour and making of Pornography was quite intense! I
think if we had not had a break we would have gone mad!


7-As spectator, what is the concert who most marked you in your

A.I saw the Kodo drummers from Japan in Los angeles last year with my
son, it was quite breathtakingly beautiful ! It showed me the pure
power of music again.

One Hundred & Nikola

8-Hi Lol!
First, thanks to have been a Cure former.
Do you think that the way you played drums gave the identity of the minimalistic sound that make The Cure different than others bands?

A. There are two things I think can answer your question.
1) we played what we could play so it was naturally minamalistic to
start with as we couldn't really play much at the beginning!
2) We only liked certain kinds of music so we didn't want anything too
flamboyant anyway as we felt there was too much of that around at the
time. So I guess the answer is yes it did give it an different identity


9-I would like to know if the Perfect Life Tour is Foreseen in Europe and in France.

A.Yes and yes.but I dont l know when yet.. but .the first place you
will find out will be our website www.levinhurst.com of course!

10-Have you been enchanted with the reception during the first concerts in USA?

A.Yes people have been great to us and I think they have enjoyed it
but remember so far we have only played ten shows...more to come

11-Do you miss Old Europe ?

A. yes and no .my life is here in the us for ten years now and I am very happy to live in America and I love it, but i am still partly a european by nature so of course i miss somethings (not the rain however!)

12-Among your favorite musicians, you quote Pink Floyd and Yes, what are your favorite albums?

A.well thats alist of all of Levinhurst not just me.So I love Pink Floyd and Like some Yes Okay? All the early Floyd is wonderful for me (meddle and Atom Heart Mother especially ) and the same for Yes (Fragile is great ) but not quite as wonderful as Pink Floyd

13-Do you intend to collaborate with other bands?

A.not right now too much to do with Levinhurst! but who knows in the

14-Are you annoyed that one always speaks to you about The Cure?

A. Not at all .The Cure was and is a big part of my life.I am proud of
what we did and achieved and so I am happy to talk about it.However I
am alive right now here with Levinhurst to talk about too!

Thank you for your kindness and your sympathy towards all the
Cure's fans during all these long years Besos à toi et Cindy


15-With the recession, do you think that the lawsuit against Robert should
take place?

A. Well that was ten years ago and I think on reflection it was not
really a great decision on my part.It was a dark part of my life and
out of it i learned many things not all of them easy to digest but it
has helped me see things clearer in my life if nothing else.


16-Hi Lol, with your group Presence and your own label Reality Records, you seemed to want to continue to evolve in a "dark" pop. What is the progress who led you finally to turn you to Electronic music?

A.It was always my first love, electronic music so it is more the
"real" lol you hear with Levinhurst. Presence was good to do but my
heart was not really in it in the same way as it is with levinhurst or for that matter was with the cure


17-Are you really the Phillippe Gildas's nephew?

A. You mean the French actor I presume? Not unless my Father has been
keeping some dark secrets from me!!!

18-Do you sometimes travel in France?

A. I lived in Paris for one year in the 80's I have spent many times

19-Do you like french cooking?

A.But of course!

20-Have you already visit Britanny? (the french region)

A.Yes I have a few times, but actually as a teenager I spent more time
close by in Normandy (luc sur -mer to be exact). My girlfriends aunt
had a house there so I spent many happy summer days..calvados!!


21- The last but not least: A little word in french?

A. Mais bien sûr! Vous voir en France très bientôt, mes amis!
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